Since April 2006

Self­employed Professional Project Manager and Site Manage

Since April 2006, I have been working  as a  a self­employed Professional Project Manager and Site Manager for a civil engineering firm. I also provide consulting services  for feasibility studies, and designing , inspecting , and testing industrial, commercial and residential HVAC (including piping) and renewable energy systems (photovoltaic, wind, biomass).

My expertise and main achievements to include:

  • designing, supervising installation;
  • programming and supervising maintenance of heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment & renewable energy systems;
  • diagnosing  problems and identifying the  equipment and solutions requied to fix them;
  • fabricating equipment parts (in order to meet special requirements);
  • redesigning entire heating, ventilation and cooling systems;
  • designing a renewable energy system integrated into an existing system, thus maximizing efficiency and reducing overheads.
February 2003 – February 2005

Maurizio Cerrai’s civil engineering firm

Assistant for the heating and fire prevention department

I served my apprenticeship as an assitant for the prevetion departemant during worsite inspections and for the design and consultancy departement at Maurizio Cerrai’s civil engineering firm (via di Salviano, 184 I­57124 Livorno)